• 9 Stages of Meditation Workshop - In Person, Online, Recorded
    with Lisa Bohlin
    Available Packages:
    $30.00One-Day Workshop (2021-10-30)

    In this 90-minute workshop Lisa (21 years meditation experience) will provide practical advice and clear direction to help you establish a regular meditation practice of your own.  She will also share the ways that a consistent practice can flourish over time to bring countless benefits to mind, body, and spirit.  

    This workshop will be in-person, online, and recorded.  

  • Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart: Deepening Your Meditation Practice - Online/Record
    with Lisa Bohlin
    Available Packages:
    $120.00Online/Record (2021-10-31 | 2021-12-19)

    Whether you are new to meditation or just want to deepen your existing practice, the 8-week series will open a path to greater peace of mind and more joy in your life.  See what can happen as you move from focused concentration to fearless, joyous awakening.  

    8 Sundays from 7-8 pm 10/31 - 12/19

    Class meets virtually via Zoom, recordings available upon request

    Investment $120, $96 by 10/24

  • Moving Through Grief - Online Only
    with Lisa Banu
    Available Packages:
    $95.00Online Only (2021-11-29 | 2021-12-03)

    Holidays can feel particularly heavy after loss.  If you are feeling stuck after a loss of love, healthy, purpose, this workshop is designed to help you find relief.  This 5-session online workshop is inspired by Grief Yoga teacher Paul Denniston's Grief Movement Workshop.  We move through the themes of:  Awareness, Connection, Evolve, Expression, and Surrender.  Each session will be a combination of gentle movement, reflection, and as much or as little sharing as desired.  

    The breath and body movements are done seated with no requirement of prior yoga experience.